How to become a Social Media Influencer,
 Start a Digital Marketing Agency,
Understand 2018 Tax Changes for Entrepreneurs! 


in this 2h19 minutes of pure value from Chris Record Lifepreneur Mastermind Behind the scenes in Lasvegas, You'll get a lot of informations and tips on how to become a succesful Social Media Influencer  and how to use social media to make money. (you can also watch this video about the futur of social media )

also if youhave an agency you'll get great tips to expend your business. as example you can un underneath services such as.. 

  • Ecom Business
  •  Consulting
  •  MLM 
  • Arbitrage
agency media influencer

and this is the main benifet of having your own agency. Its having one hub that everythng follows under nice and clean. 

and everything you are going to learn  in this live will help you level up, 

as an exampl, implementing the arbirtage  service in your business. 

arbitrege is where yu get and resale others services, lets say Designs, logo designs, logo animation, webpage building and more it depend on what sort of agency you run, you still can sell that even if you don't have anyskills or whatever so,  your agency can offer this designs service, and when someone pays you 1000$  to deigns a logo, you can turn and go to a website like Fiverr, or DesignCrowd, 99designs and spend 500$ and keep the rest as a profit thats how easy it is, thats called arbitrage and you can do it with whatever services.

this is just a little bit of what you are going to learn in this live stream so be sure to watch it.  

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