7 Websites To Make $100 A Day in 2019

Video by  Kevin David for this amazing video

In this video you are going to discover
seven websites that lot of people don't know about, where
you can start making up to $100 per day even if you're
completely broke,
make sure watch this video from the very start all
the way until the very end if you
really  to  make money  online this year (2019)

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Number seven website : it's called peerfly.com

basically what peerfly is a CPA website (cost per action)

so it means 
youare going to get pay per action. when you join this website 
you can promote companies for example: 

Fiverr if you get a hundred people to sign up for Fiverr through your pure fly
link you are going to get paid every single time somebody clicked that link
they don't even have to sign up, they don't even have to pay, they literally
just have to take an action cost per action so you get paid every time
someone clicks a link that you're promoting on peer flying this is a
really good way to start making money if you have any type of following or even
inviting your friends and family to actually sign up for this stuff because
you get paid every single time somebody takes an action and clicked on your link.

Number Six website : it's called Duda.co

Duda is  a website that you can use to make mobile optimized website with no coding knowledge 
mobile-optimized website so what I like

so you can do a research for business that have a terrible looking mobile sites and make beautiful mobile optimized website and sell it for them.

doesn't load it all maybe it loads too

Number Five website : it's called Fiverr

Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for digital services. Get logo design, marketing services, whiteboards and more, starting from only $5.
so you can use this website to make money doing whatever you are good good at

Number Four website : it's called Canva.com

Canva is a graphic-design tool website, founded in 2012. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics

so you can create logos and any type of graphics
that a business would be happy to pay You for.
you can use Canva even if you have a zero graphics design
skills to actually get paid to create professional graphics. 

Number Three website : it's called adfly

 Adfly is a re-directer used by people to get clicks for money with advertising.
You have to wait a few seconds then in the top right corner you can click skip ads.
They also claim the purpose of it is to shorten the length of links.
Either way it is a advertising ploy

so you can use add to shorten your links and get paid every time
someone clicks on a link.

Number Two website : it's called Flippa

Flippa is the biggest marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. some of my friends have used Flippa to help start businesses, grow our existing businesses, and to generate free cash flow as ‘side hutles’ while they were employed. they have done well financially from it: everything they’ve sold has been for at least 3x what they paid. It’s also taught us some important lessons on running and growing different types of internet businesses.
so you can also try buying some good websites and tweak them and sell them for more money.

Number One website : it's called godaddy auctions

there are people out there that make thousands and
thousands of dollars and all they do is buy old or expiring domains,

you know maybe it's a short domain, because with
so many websites now if you can buy a domain that has one or two words or 
domain that somebody's willing to pay for that has a lot of brand value.
for example people will pay sometimes ten or even a hundred times what you pay  if you find the right domain I've literally seen people buy domain names that expired or people forgot to renew on GoDaddy auctions for ten dollars and
then immediately sell those domains on
flippa.com for then times that amount.