Sales funnels meaning: Spiderman Sales funnel 2023

What is clickfunnels and how it served Spidey

Mark Dokim
Marketer/Graphic Designer

This is a conversation between Spidey and his girlfriend Sarah, in which he is trying to explain  sales funnels meaning to her, and how he managed to successfully reverse it's entire process to create his own Arrest Funnel that freed him more time to spend together.

Spidey: I wish I knew about this long ago,
this sale funnels concept would have saved me a lot of time years ago.

These spidey Nets I use are not effective anymore, they are ugly, that's why I am so happy that I knew Rusell Brunsson, the reason that makes me happy is, because of these sales funnels as he calls them, it has simplified and made everything easy for me.

spiderman sales funnle

I got inspired by him, and now I got my own sales funnels, oops I mean "arrests funnels", therefore, I have much more FREE time to spend with you, baby..

Sarah: but how? there are still criminals everywhere !!! And what's worse is that they are growing day by day! So, how can you claim to have more free time, knowing that there are more bad guys that you have to stop !!

Spidey: Yeah, I know.. but there is no need for me to chase after them anymore, Its a new era, and things have evolved a lot.

which means, instead of me chasing after these thieves and criminals, I attract them to come to me!

Sarah: I don't get it, how would you attract them!!

Spidey: Look, it's a simple process. this is how it works.
thieves are always looking for something to steal, something like money, pieces of jewelries, gold, anything that has value. you know what!! I use these things to attract them.

sales funnles

therefor, those who comes and try to steal these things that I put in specific places, they fall into the trap I made for them.

I call this trap "the arrests funnel", and inside of it is where the magic happens.

sales funnels meaning process

Inside this funnel, everything is done automatically, from putting the cuffs on the thief's hands, to blocking him with my strong spider fiber lines.

I used to do all this work on my own, which make me tired because I put in too much effort, and more than that, it takes time.

But now I have much time to invite you for a ride to the skyscrapper top, babe.

Sarah: Oooh!! Really!! that's so cool, but tell me first, how did you discover this weird thing you call arrest funnel? I've heard about sales funnel, but never heard about this one.

Spidey: well, this arresting funnel is the latest and the greatest thing I've come to lately.

One day I was browsing some news when I saw this ad from this person  named Russell Brunsson, talking about his successful sales funnels, and how he was able to create successful business models by reverse-engineering other people's business plans.

Moreover, these sales funnels are making him a lot of cash while having much more free time.

What attracted me  is the word "much more free time" , when I heard it, suddenly this idea of the "Spidey arrests funnel" sparkled into my head.

So I said what if I could copy his successful sales funnel and shape it into real life so that it meets my needs.

I started studying those funnels and discovered a lot about how it works.

lots of tactics, strategies, and tips. so I started to apply it. and it was a huge success. thanks to Russell Brunson.

Sales Funnels VS Arrests Funnels

russell brunson sales funnel 

the spiderman arrests funnel





convert leads to customers


drive more sales trough upsales and upgrages

criminals and thieves are ready for police to take to prison.

better for

Creating & scaling business

Better for

 making Safe Places

More FREE time & Money

More FREE time & more safety

Look Sarah, If you did no get it yet, let me teach you what I learned about sales funnels during my researches.

What is a sales funnel?

the sales funnel, which also has many names such as revenue funnel or "l'entonnoir des ventes" in french as my french friend taught me. 

It's a process that can be displayed as a funnel, where you put a bunch of people to get the ones you are interested in.

So, in business, it's a sales process that companies use to lead their customer's trough when having the desire to buy something.

Then sell them more of what they were desiring to buy once they are into the funnel, and that's by offering discounts or any other promotions that suit they need depending on the product they bought from the company.

Let watch this video together, for more details about sales funnels.

Sales funnels meaning : Explained by Russell Brunsson.

This "sales funnel infographic" simplifies it even more

Q&A About sales funnels

Sarah: Babe, these sales funnels are interesting!! I want to make more money too, so I have more questions for you, my boy.

  • Q : Sarah :
    What is the best sales funnel builder?

  • A : Spidey: 
    Hh.. already thinking about making money!! well, babe, the best tool for building sales funnels is of course none other than ClickFunnels.  
    But there are other Softwares for that too, you can check this article I wrote about clickfunnels alternatives.

  • Q : Sarah: 
     How can I quickly create a sales funnel?

  • A : Spidey :  
    I see that You're happy now Babe, you seem to be very pumped to learn this game, right?  You want to create a sales funnel now - and quickly.

    Do not worry. It's not as difficult as it sounds.
    you can do it by following these 5 steps:

         Step 1: Analyze the behavior of your audience.
         Step 2: catch the attention of your audience.
         Step 3: Create your landing page.
         Step 4: Create a follow-up email campaign.
         Step 5: Stay in touch with your leads.

you can get more details about this Here

  • Q: Sarah:
    I see.. One more question babe, you know that I have a shoe store, If I use one of these sales funnels model, can I double my Income?
  • A: Spidey :
    Of course Babe, sales funnels help scale business, In fact just as Russel said, every business got a sales funnel, so you just have to tweak your store sales funnel, and see what works and what doesn't, you can reverse engineer your competitor selling model.

Sarah: I got to go spidey, Thank you for all the information

Spidey:  Where are you going Babe? I still have more free time

Sarah : I have to go and see how RickyShowStore are selling more than me,  you showed me great tips.

Spidey: But babe, You can do that later.

Sarah : No spidey, I'm so Excited, I want to make more money.

Sarah: Do not worry Spidey, you're my hero, and you're the only person I love, I just want to join the Clickfunnel two comma club, so I can win the car of my dreams and ride with you. You know, I'm dizzy and scared every time you take me high into the skyscrapers.

How can I get ClickFunnels for FREE?

how to get clickfunnels for free

If you are looking to get ClickFunnels for FREE, I want to advise you to be aware of any offer you get out there, because ClickFunnels is not free at all. ( except for a pool of people )

These people are Russel Brunson's dream 100, they are affiliates who promote his platform, and get a commission from everysales the make.

these people knows how to get Russel Brunson's dream clients, so its a win win rule.

so if you really want to get ClickFunnels for free you have to be one of these people.

If you can not do that, you can get your 14days clickfunnels trial.

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