Russell Brunson traffic secrets

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book is now available. and as he claims, it is the result of years of experience and experiments on how to get massive targeted traffic to your websites and funnels.

This may be the quickest way to learn all the different strategies and tools that will help you control traffic, and drive it to your offers this year "2020".

In this review of "Russell Brunson traffic secrets", I will go into all the details on what it is exactly.

Building my review on what I know, from my research about Traffic Secrets book and my experience with his two previous ones, Dotcom Secrets & Expert Secrets. traffic secrets book russell brunson.

traffic secrtes review
Hi.. this is me Mark Dokim

Thank you for being here, I just want to let you know that I am affiliated with Traffic Secrets and other ClickFunnels products, which means that if you buy through my link, I will make a little commission.

However, this does not affect my decision to recommend Russell's products. It also won't cost you anything.

I hope this review will help you find what you are looking for about the Book "Traffic Secrets". thank you.

MARK DOKIM  //  Marketer & Graphic designer

   What is Traffic Secrets?

russell brunson traffic secrets book


Traffic in the online space equals people, or visitors, real people that comes to visit your website or funnels.

So because they are real people, you have to know how to build relationships with them, how to approach them the right way, without being spammy or something like that.

traffic secrets book focuses mainly on how to get to the right people to visit your website, these people who are your dream customers.

this book will show you the way to reach them and help them so they can pay you and make profits.

so besides traffic, its also about conversion.

Hi, welcome to my review of Russell BrunsonTraffic Secrets book.

My name is Mark Dokim and I'm here to explain some of the things you may want to know about Russell Brunson's new book Traffic Secrets, and why you should harry up and pay the shipping cost to get your copy for free.

Yes,  you can get Traffic Secrets book for FREE on its official website and get some cool bonuses from Russell.

traffic secrets bonuses
  • Hardback Copy Of Traffic Secrets  ($24.95 Value)
  • The Traffic Secrets Foundation  ($97.00 Value
  • The Ultimate Unfair Advantage  ($97.00 Value)
  • How To Make A Video Go Viral  ($97.00 Value)
  • The Ultimate Traffic Hack ($97.00 Value)
  • 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge ($97.00 Value)

I have been waiting for this book myself for a very long time and I ordered one at the very start of the launch

Even that I have no shortage of ways to get traffic to my websites, but I believe I would get tons of new advice that would improve my tactics and strategies that I use to get visitors to my websites and funnels.

I’m addicted to learn new things about traffic, so I like to know more about it from the experts in the field.

After all, who doesn't want to get more traffic that will generate more income?

traffic secrets book spiderman

Everyone knows how important traffic is to any online and offline business,
because without traffic, there will be no growth, more likely, its absence will lead to the failure and death of any business.

By the way, Let me ask you a question, what are your preferred ways of driving traffic to your websites and sales funnel?

  • Is it trough organic SEO?
  • Facebook ads or Facebook groups? (like most online marketers have done recently.)
  • or via videos on youtube?

I know you do know  more and more ways to get traffic, paid traffic, free traffic. social media, But  even if you master all of that, you still need to get a copy of the traffic secrets book. want to know why?

Its because it is not about the lack of sources of traffic, but its about the way you do it, its about strategies and tactics.

I have another question for you.

What would you do if those platforms that dominate the space providing traffic to the people and forcing them to follow their rules and guidelines shut down suddenly?

these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, linkedin and everything in between.

If you can't use them today, what would you do to drive traffic? what would be your move?

How would you like to learn how to get quality traffic from various sources?

Traffic and strategies that will generate  leads and sales for your business, so that you can have an asset to use whenever any of these platforms you depend on could not serve your anymore?

Wouldn't it be a great Idea to learn it so that you can stay safe and  make sure that your business won't be affected once that happen?

So it doesn't matter the way you are currently using to get traffic,
I bet you want to learn more, also I bet you want more traffic, right?  more leads, more sales, more & more.. GREAT!!

The Traffic Secrets book can help with that. 

Check this video in which russell Brunsson reading a part of it, secret #2 out of 20 secrets from the book

That was a part of secrets # inside the traffic secrets book, but you know what?

a lot of people mistake traffic secrets "the book", and traffic secrets "the course"

it's true that these two products are Russell Brunson's Products, but they are totally different.

for those who knew about "traffic secrets book" lately, they are going to be confused while reading these reviews around online, because there are a lot of reviews about traffic secrets course, because of that, they may think they are the same, but I've made sure to clarify that here.

so don't worry, you are gonna discover the difference here, in this review.

   what is Traffic Secrets Course?

traffic secrets book and course

Let's talk about some facts about  the Traffic secrets course.

  •  1st   : Russell Brunson was not the original creator of traffic Secret course.
  • 2nd : Russell Brunson bought the course for almost one million dollars.

So who is the creator and why Russell bought it from him?

let me tell you about that.

The Traffic Secrets course was created by John Reese, and after the success it got, it attracted Russell Brunsonso he made a decision to buy it from John Reese.

it is important to mention that John Reese was able to earn more than a million dollars by selling this course, in a 24 hour time record.
as they say without even spending money to advertise it.

So, after Russell Brunson bought john reese traffic secrets course, it was a bit outdated, but he has made a major update to make it work for now.

the reason why Russell Brunson bought the course is.

1st: because it was a huge success and people like it, and buy it.

2nd: He likes to prize his customers, by offering the course for those who buy some of his products, he sells it as an upsell, with a huge discount, as an example you can get it when you buy his Funnel Builder Secrets.

   Does Traffic Secrets book worth paying for?

On the subject of the book. I can't say whether it's worth it or not. Because I did not get the book yet.

But, by building my perspective on the two books I bought "Expert Secrets and Dotcom secrets". I think this book "Traffic Secrets" is going to be another success for Russell Brunson.

During this long period that I've been following him, I trust the ways he is running his business, also, the tips that I learned from him worked for me.

More than that, when it comes to modeling, he is the great guy, he always adds value and makes things work better.

That's why I'm sure the book will contain a lot of advanced strategies that will help thousands of marketers & entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to start a successful business gets more targeted traffic to their sales funnels.

yes, sales funnels I say. because that is the right way to do business these days.

Here are some of the questions I will answer in this review on traffic secrets book:

  • What is Traffic Secrets about?
  • Who created the traffic secrets?

  • How much does the book cost?
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Quick Answers)
  • Final thoughts

So let start.

   what is Traffic Secrets book about ?

This book is not about: how to get a lot of clicks with cheap means.

its about how to get real targeted Visitors, or what you can call dream custmers.

So, the image I want you to hold in your mind when you hear "traffic" in marketing space is people.

But not people in general, only those who you think are your dream customers, those who make your eyes pop, when you see them next to your store in real life, or on your website and sales funnel online.

those who you think they gonna pay lot of money in exchnge of what you have to offer for them.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book explains how to get this type of traffic to your website using proven strategies that have helped him grow his business to over $ 400 million.

This book will help you succeed your own if you follow the instructions and tactics given inside.

At 1st, you should know that the traffic secrets book and traffic secrets course are two different products, but it is thought, given the value of the course, the book will have few aspects from it.

Note, according to Russell Brunson,  traffic secrets book has been in the works for two years. And, if his reputation is anything, we know that Russell is very keen on bringing value, as you can see if you follow him on social media.

Therefore, the book he's been working on for two years is meant to contain gems of secrets, hacks, and knowledge.

Russell Brunson says:
This book shows the simple process that we have used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to our sites every month.

It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.
Who created the traffic secrets?

   How Much Does The Book Cost ?

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book is FREE, but you will have to pay $ 9.95 for shipping and handling if you are in the United States, or $ 19.95 if you are living outside of the united states of America.


But there are also incentive sales provided with the book for those who need more specialized training.

Here are some of the upselling available, but remember,  you don't have to buy any of it to get the book for FREE.

Traffic Secrets BOOK upsells

   What is inside Traffic Secrets Book ?

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book is structured and divided into three sections:

Section #1: Define and know Your Dream Customer

This section is composed of Seven secrets, secrets which will help you identify who your dream customer is and how to discover what they need to start serving them.

once you know that, you'll learn how to find where exactly this type of customer you need is hanging online. 

the secret that will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors while attracting them, and how to make them listen to what you say.

Discover the best way to protect your business against any algorithm changes to any of the platforms out there, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other famous ones.

these changes that slap a lot of business on its face and slow down the amount of traffic they get.

Discover the secret to increase sales and how to make others wanna partner with and send you traffic for FREE.

Section #2: Fill Your Funnel

In this 2nd section with the title "Fill your funnel", which is made up of 8 secrets (Secret # 8 to Secret # 15).

you will learn how to get a lot of FREE quality traffic from other people who have already established a relationship with your dream customers.

How to reach them and keep them coming back to you on social media, every time you you have a new offer.

how to leverage the power of Google to find new dream customers, even if they don't know you or have never heard of you before.

Plus, the right way to put your message in front of them.

how to create amazing content that serves them, plus how to increase the number of your content views each day.

the plan to get into each new traffic opportunity, trends, events, webinars, tips for creating your own "Tonight Show", and more tips for gaining more of this vital power, "the Blood of any online business". Traffic.

Section #3: Growth Hacking

3rd and final section of this amazing book, yes "Amazing book" as some of the marketers that I trust whom got their copy says.

which also makes me believe it will be amazing.

this last section is made up of the last 5 secrets out of 20, in which, you will learn some advanced strategies that are not in my opinion for beginners and which need practice and perseverance to make it work.

I'm not saying it's impossible, it requires effort, and once you master these tactics and strategies in this chapter, you will be unstoppable.

   Traffic Secrets  AudioBook  ( Download )

Listening Is the KEY

do you want to download traffic secrets audiobook to your Audio device?

yes, we know its hard to have time stay reading.

there is a copy for people who love books, but don't find the opportunity to read it.
Yes, there is an audio version of the book for you my friend.

But it will cost you a bit more to get it.
because, right now, it's only available as an upsell when you get his new book "traffic secrets".

so you have to pay another $37 if you want it.

but you are not getting only the book read by Russell Brunsson, its Brunson my friend. when you buy something you always get bonuses.
so when you buy the audio book you also get 4 more exclusive products.

  • Funnel catcher Report.
  • The seven days launch funnel. (this is by Brendan Burchard)
  • the invisible traffic funnel.
  • the perfect webinar hack.

   Traffic Secrets Book Summary (

Diving into Russell Brunson traffic secrets book, Clark Kegley shares the 10 freaking big ideas he got from.

ImproveMentor Channel

    Traffic Secrets PDF notes?

Well, we all know that Traffic Secrets is an amazing book, which is why a lot of people are looking for it as a PDF to read it on their Kindl devices, but before you search for it, you should know that many websites out there are scams, traffic secrets PDF cannot be downloaded for free, this is illegal.

By browsing these websites, you may end up downloading the wrong things.

In addition, we all know that the secret traffic book is available for free, to get it, you only have to pay for shipping.

anyway, I have these pdf notes on traffic secrets, where you can learn a lot about this book.

traffic secrets book

   FAQ About Traffic (Quick Answers )

How can I get free traffic?

For me, the best way to get free traffic is trough organic SEO or youtube videos.

But there are also lot of ways,  so try to be creative, 

here are some different ways you can use for free to get traffic.

  • social media
  • Guest post.
  • forums.
  • create viral videos.
  • from videos and trends.
  • and more..

How to get more customers online?

As you said, online, to get more customers online, you need:

  • Online Visitors. 
  • which means you need traffic,
  • then you also need to know how to capture these visitors' attention,
  • get their emails, email them with your offers. 

and a lot of things. this is what Russell Brunson traffic secrets book about.

How do I attract customers to my website?

What is the best traffic source?
How can I attract more people?
Does paid traffic work?
Is buying traffic a good idea?
Is buying traffic a good idea?
What does it mean to buy traffic?
how to get more customers online
How do you target new customers?
How can I generate more sales?

Is traffic secrets russell brunson course?

The course was originally created by John Reese, but Russell Brunsson bought it, and updated it, so you can call it now Russell Brunson traffic secrets course, because there is also a  russell brunson traffic secrets book LOL!!

Traffic Secrets Clickfunnels, what relation?

Traffic secrets exist in two different products:

  • Traffic Secrets - the book
  • Traffic Secrets - the training course

They are both Russell Brunson's products with other products which the main is ClickFunnels.

the book teaches how to get traffic as a marketing professional. while using ClickFunnels which facilitates the creation of sales funnels.

Is traffic secrets russell brunson course?

The course was originally created by John Reese, but Russell Brunsson bought it, and updated it, so you can call it now Russell Brunson traffic secrets course, because there is also a  russell brunson traffic secrets book LOL!!

How do I get free customers?

there is a lot of ways to get free customers, but there is also a lot of efforts needed to achieve that.
well, free does cost time, so I don't think that it is free. because time is very valuable.

anyway, here are some tips that can help get FREE customers:

  • record videos about what you are selling and upload it to different video platforms out there.
  • Share your products or services on social media and groups.
  • participate and help other people who you think might want to buy what you are offering
    offer free trials of your services.
  • partner up with people with the same service or product you have.

Can you buy website traffic?

traffic is vital for any business to continue growing.
yes, you can buy website traffic, most of the website owners out there would be more than happy to sell you their traffic, and that's why they are building a social following, to grow their list, which will be an asset for them to generate targeted traffic to sell for other people.

Does Pay Per Click work?

yes, pay per click works,  no pay per clicks doesn't work.
Wait, I don't want to confuse you here. but that's right.
it depends on the way you are doing it. check this:

Amazing offer in front right audience = good results

Amazing offer in front right audience + conversion-focused landing page = excellent results

Amazing offer in front of right audience + effective sales funnels = outstanding results

Amazing offer in front of the wrong audience plus all the previous states = poor results

which means low ROI. PPC works if it is done well.

Review In Progress..

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2 thoughts on “Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets”

  1. Hey Mahfoud! This is a great review!

    This book sounds awesome and one that I’m excired to get my hands on.

    Traffic and conversions are really the lifeblood of any business, so this book is a no brainer.

    Funny thing is, I ordered this about a week or 2 ago, but it has not showed up at my door yet

    I guess I’ll have to contact their support and ask, but luckily I can at least go through the audio version for now

    1. hello, Ortiz, yeah, indeed it will be a great book, just like the previous ones, my friend, the delivery is scheduled for May 5, 2020, so we have to wait a few more days.

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