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Rise to the top Entrepreneur song [ Dope ]

This song " Rise to the top "  is a remix of "A Lot" by 21 Savage ft. J. Cole, but with a touch on the lyrics to be positive and all about entrepreneurship.

The music video tells how entrepreneurs can sacrifice time away from parties or events to spend more time on their business, but how it can be worth it in the long run if they stay consistent.

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How many haters you got? (A lot)
How many battles you fought? (A lot)
How many times you trust somebody
But they never trusted you back? (A lot)

How many times you got hurt? (A lot)
Knowing that it wouldn’t work? (A lot)
But still, you turn around gave em your heart
And they go and rip it apart (A lot)

How many books you read? (A lot)
How many mouths you feed? (A lot)
How many times you take all your money
and hook up a friend that’s in need? (A lot)

They told me that money love speed (A lot)
They told me it don’t grow on trees (A lot)
How many times you battle with greed
And had to check priorities (A lot)

How much ambition you got? (A lot)
How many said you would flop? (A lot)
How many times you had to change friends
So that you could rise to the top? (A lot)

Now how much money you got? (A lot)
How many friends you got? (A lot)
How many people you help? (A lot)
And don’t it feel good at the top? (A lot)

Every day I’m feeling’ blessed for this life that I live
I’d rather have my haters, than to never gone big
They told me that I wouldn’t amount to nuthin’ as a kid
But I proved em’ wrong by hustling, cause success the best revenge


While my friends were out at parties, I was working on my biz
Also had a full time job my candle burnin’ both ends
Every time that check came in, I was feelin’ temptation
But instead of coppin' brands, I got stocks and dividends

Got my money making money, cause my money like to win
But it’s hard to fight that urge of instant gratification
I was flipping’ through the gram, seen em’ flexin’ like they big
But instead a leanin’ lambos, I was uppin’ my ad spend


How many fake on IG?
Flexin’ wit’ Lamborghinis
I can see behind the smoke and the mirrors
They broke and they heart is empty

But I never say a thing
When they pose wit’ a Bentley
Some entrepreneurs make millions
While some of them faking the dream

Focus on daily routines
I’m focused on building my team
You won’t catch me on the club scene
Not me, I'd rather go wake up and dream

Rent where you live, and own what you rent…
Until your cashflow covers expenses
That’s how the rich stay rich and they business
Income that’s what pays for the assets (truth)

Get yo’ self an accountant
Properly file your taxes
Get yo’ money aside for investments
Reinvest back into brand development

Chasing all that relevance
They got opinions but don’t dwell on it
When you blow up they all gonna know about it
Then get a whip but with no loan on it

Develop your purpose and passion
Map out a plan then Take Massive Action
Put your cash into things that are passive
Get debt free then don’t get distracted

Time is short man it’s gonna go fast and
Life is a book so write your chapters
Manifest everything you want then attract it
You can achieve anything you can imagine

I am just keepin’ it real
I was where you are, I know how it feels
I was on welfare, I couldn’t pay bills
Bouncing my checks, to pay for my meals

I put my money in deals
Growing it over the years
And hoping you hear
The lessons I’m sharing
To helping you overcome
all of your fears


Moe info Baout this song:

LABEL - LifePreneur Music
DIRECTOR - Sam Servidio
EDITOR - Sam Servidio

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