precious advices From 9 shopify experts

Precious advices From 9 shopify experts

by : Ezra Firestone

Whenever I meet a fellow entrepreneur, something strange comes over me. I can’t help myself… I need to ask them questions  and get precious advices.

I want to hear their story and learn what’s working in their business, so that maybe I can use those same strategies in mine.

Because in ecommerce it pays to be a student to constantly soak up any information you can and I know from experience that networking leads to major leaps in your growth.

So you can probably imagine my excitement when Shopify introduced me to a few of their most successful store owners at their private mastermind.

I was able to interview these top experts of Amazon, Print-on-Demand, Facebook advertising and affiliate marketing, and they shared the tactics and strategies that are working for them.

In this blog post, a few of Shopify’s biggest success stories share their expert advice on how to launch new products and build an online business that people will love. so lets dive in and cover the 9 precious advices from 9 shopify experts.

Video Highlights:

0:03 Networking can lead to major leaps in growth for your business

1:03 Interview with Chris Record

  • Communicate and Resinate with your audience

  • Once somebody knows you, likes you and trusts you, they will do business with you for years to come

2:56 Interview with Charles Ngo

  • Take advantage of Facebook video ads

4:09 Interview with Nishant Bhardwaj

  • Touching on someones life experience to sell physical product

  • People want to spend money on things they actually care about

7:50 Interview with Matt Schmitt

  • Pre-purchase upsell provides a great way for you to make money

11:28 Interview with Sebastian Gomez

  • YouTube skyrocketed Sebastians personal brand

15:19 Interview with Adam Maltais

  • Connecting two people is one of the most powerful things you can do

17:38 Interview with Dimitris Skiadas

  • nstall Google Analytics and let the data roll

Interview with Will Mitchell

  • How can i turn this product in to a brand with a raving fan base

  • When you customer is buying from you, they are buying a feeling

23:55 Interview with Adrian Morrison

  • Look for what the masses want

  • Pay attention to Google search trends and other peoples ads of Facebook