Passive income reality

Passive income reality

Passive income reality

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Dave Zelm Hard work IS the short cut. The harder you work, the “luckier” you get . Be decisive, take risks, fall on your face. Every self made Billionaire, Millionaire, Hundred Thousandaire in the world has gone through this. Even when they receive help, finSee more

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Lena G Gallagher
Lena G Gallagher For a split second, when those first few seconds played, I was thinking either a) you were f*ck drunk & created one of these BS schemes, 2) checked my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s day, or 3) you had just pulled off one of the biggest scams to get us all believing in you & your message & ultimately it was all a lie…and then your mug shows up and happily slapped me out of that nightmare!

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Ryan Brimmer
Ryan Brimmer Gary Vaynerchuk I’m a professional Network Marketer and I one of the common pitfalls of this profession is to head down that “Passive Income” trap. Especially on the Internet. I like how you say creating a $60K/year passive income is more practical than some crazy ass “automated” system that people tell you. Even in Network Marketing it takes real hard work. Foot to pavement to make it happen. I believe our profession can mitigate this common pitfall by managing proper expectations up front. Being real with people, setting achievable goals for a specific individual, and using leadership to keep them focused from looking left or right. Your Thoughts?

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Guy LeGresley
Guy LeGresley Passive income and network marketing leeches make me sick to my freakin gut. Anyone that leaches off people’s dreams and ambitions of making the quick cash is a fuckin loser. Get up early, put in the work, hustle till you bleed and reap the benefits later. Thanks again Gary Vaynerchuck

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Kyle Webster
Kyle Webster So true. Annoying that this what we are seeing all of the time.. these are the ads you see on YT. Get rich quick.. sign up for my seminar.. I’ll share my secrets.. load of crap… put in the work!

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Reinhard Celis Corradi
Reinhard Celis Corradi Passive income exists. It can happen after you put in the work of course, but theres people out there making a living without having to sacrifice their time. Real Estate can make you passive income, Trading Forex can somewhat make you passive money, evSee more

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Blake Carson
Blake Carson What about an inherited estate bringing passive income for 3 generations before these generations even exist? Do you think people in these situations have a better chance to live a happy, more fulfilled life or were they ripped of the hard earn spine iSee more

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Joanne Bhaloo
Joanne Bhaloo It drives me nuts when people reach out to me so I can teach them dropshipping as a way of passive income. There is NO SUCH THING AS PASSIVE INCOME if you want to build an actual business. Period.

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Bruce Godfrey
Bruce Godfrey Passive income isn’t a joke and isn’t new; it just requires a hell of a lot of capital. Wall Street is designed around passive income; it’s what they sell. Other businesses come close to being passive (vending machines aren’t passive income but requirSee more

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Benj Le Dur
Benj Le Dur I’m teaching Business on Udemy (online courses platform). And today i’m making passive income since udemy takes care 100% of the traffic and sales….So passive income is real but you need to work hard and smart to build a system and create value for people…there is not shortcuts…Passive income doesn’t mean overnight success…

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Edgar Alan
Edgar Alan Yes! Hahaha couldnt help but fuckin think bout this Tai Lopez dude or however its called.. Its like you say, fall in love with the work with the gameee, theres no pasion behind these fkrs and their intentions of making money.

They just wanna show of, See more

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Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker A lot of people mistake what passive income is. It’s hard work to establish those streams.

None of those push button make x in 7 days or your money back kind of bullshit. See more

Saperna Menendez
Saperna Menendez When this video started…I was about to cry ?wondering what am I doing wrong. I am working 7!days a week right now and our business is growing…but again we work 7 days a week. We live by the beach but have not spent a day at the beach in months…❤️❤️ Thanks for the real world advice.

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Dzmitry 'Dima' P
Dzmitry ‘Dima’ P Damn it Gary Vaynerchuk , where is the get rich quick scheme? Working hard is, you know, hard. I’d much rather watch a video and fantasize about how easy life can be instead if grinding, every day, every week, every month. Year after year ??

Jenny King
Jenny King I love this video so much. I for the life of me don’t know how people haven’t realized it’s just not real. How many times are you gonna let them take your $99 or $149 or whatever it is to discover that it’s hogwash. There is no substitute for doubling down on your gifts and giving it everything you’ve got day after day.

Jon Rodriguez
Jon Rodriguez I’m so glad you pointed this out to a bunch of people that believe that living on a beach and doing all the work there is actually possible. The fools fall for this dumbshit. At first, I supported these people and said “Good for them, they are making iSee more

Reece Williams
Reece Williams Charlie Layzell 2:44 into this video. I know exactly who he is talking about haha I get where you are coming from with what you said the other day

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Dylan Fleming
Dylan Fleming What about Tai Lopez? Is he one of those guys you are talking about on “Instagram”? I like both of you but I feel like you’re more real and a true entrepreneur. I’m also asking because I’m really curious if Tai Lopez is one of those guys..

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Jeff Perron
Jeff Perron Formula for wealth: buy some shit(or rights to shit), sell shit for more. Bank the cash to buy more shit and sell more shit. I started with $100 in 2011 and am now at $80,000 in inventory, almost enough that the cash flow off this has replaced most of my $60k a year job.

Derrick Thomas
Derrick Thomas While so true this was also fucking hilarious. I did learn that you can make 60k a year from Passive online whatever. I always assumed it was complete scam bullshit from the get go. Gary Vaynerchuk always bringing the heat!! Appreciate you bro.

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James Garlin
James Garlin All the ‘get rich quick schemes’ remind me of an old joke:

A man saw a classified (I told you this was OLD) in the NYT that read: “Want to learn how to make money? Send me $50 and I’ll teach you how!”See more

John Su
John Su This is a fantasy of “Poverty mindset” Anyone who has made substantial wealth or ACTIVELY pursuing in creating wealth knows “NOTHING comes for free”

True life, when you’re making that much money you keep doing it because it’s PAYING OFF. You don’t SSee more

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Abigail Mensah
Abigail Mensah This is very true. Even real estate is not “passive”, you still have to sort out acquisitions, marketing, property management and renovations. Thousands of homes don’t get sold or rented.

Jason Alonso
Jason Alonso “Because I’ll show you somebody who’s sells that dream, but isn’t actually doing it.. ill show you that… you want me to hire some models for the afternoon?” Is that a jab at Tai Lopez ? Lol

Anthony Pham
Anthony Pham I see my friends get into it all the time. Multi level marketing, residual income. Pathetic. Like you said, no one successful got to where they were without putting in time and effort

Cristian Castillo
Cristian Castillo Thanks Gary for those two great tips! “Work hard but also work smart”
People think that working hard alone will make them rich but you can work a whole life time and still be poor or barely make it by.

Ernesto Vélez
Ernesto Vélez Gary if you were a Politician in México. You could do that. Layback on the beach while millions of dollars get into your account. True

Megan Bailey
Megan Bailey Love this! If there is one thing I’m getting tired of, its the spamminess of the passive income schtick. Like, I’m currently editing a novel that I’ve written but its taken me years to work on it. You’re helping me be more and more aware of the long term plan and to keep hustling in all my endeavors.

Bryan Heafy
Bryan Heafy For every person you show me who buys into this get rich quick bull shit, I’ll show you a person who doesn’t believe in themselves enough to take a leap from a life of perceived security.

Georgios Gogge Paleologos
Georgios Gogge Paleologos There is hard work in network marketing too. If those who makes 100k+ per month says its easy, they lie! And the easy talk shows the truth why not many people earn the big bucks, because the fast/quick/ easy people give up to fast. The other truth is tSee more

Chris Philhower
Chris Philhower Every time I hear the term Passive Income, I think of Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. Thankfully, he doesn’t sell that “easy secret method” bull and he’s #1 in the SEO ranking for passive income on google.

Iulian Stoian
Iulian Stoian You should see the ones that use ‘magic software’ to generate unlimited amounts of money. For free. For ever. But I think one have to try anything for realizing that work is the only real way to do it. Great wake up call, Gary Vaynerchuk! But they use very good marketing, though…

Gary Brever
Gary Brever To anyone who thinks Gary V is talking about Network Marketing hear this:

In Network Marketing we get paid for helping others be successful. That’s the only way we are successful. It’s really a part of the evolved economy. It does require a huge amounSee more

Travis Thomas
Travis Thomas My dude keeping it real. I have talked to so many of them network marketing organizations. ? I just can not get passed them trying to sell me on those things. Lol I am sticking to my gut and hustling because thats how you get shit, you hustle. Thanks Gary for everything you do and put out for us. ???
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David M Vera
David M Vera Finally you did the one video that needed to be done!!!! Thank you so much for this video! I myself struggled with this and now I know fuck the bullshit about to delete 3 different bullshit apps! Thanks bro!!!

Thomas Merlino
Thomas Merlino I have been down this dream road before. Then, one day, I decided to actually WORK for and in my business. The result? A consistently growing audience for my podcast that comes from.. you guessed it.. hard work and smart work. This video nails it.

Prabhjeet Singh SaiNi
Prabhjeet Singh SaiNi Jaspinder Singh haha this is what i really need .. people talk shit about shortcuts like #jason millionaire mentor n all that its actually the work they just need 15,000 people to give them Rs 100 to earn 1.5 million in a month from their massive 1 million followers its easy .. super easy thank god i believe in the work !!
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AMFisH It definitely is about putting in the time and extreme effort along with all the work that goes with reaching the level of success one wants to reach…nothing ever comes easy without working your ass off to get there. The AMFisH guy…Billy.

Bálint Valentine Kulacs
Bálint Valentine Kulacs Dreaming hell…beard suits you man…yeah I get your words…hoping makes the dreams sweeter , but the reality is to live the “dream” we gotta wake up for it and start putting into the grind…

Christian Djimtoloum
Christian Djimtoloum Ain’t that the fucking truth! that’s why its important to invest in a smart business with a well proven system that can easily help you convert! any business can bring results but if u need to be smart to be able to manage that business simply means the system is not 100% accurate Mcdonals business model works because its simple so find a simple business model PUT IN THE WORK! and you WILL GET THE RESULT!

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Donald Paquette Jr.
Donald Paquette Jr. The real secret, is SELLING, You must sell a product or service to make money. That’s the reality people.
Everything else is coffeetalk and bullshit.

Richard Lee Brown
Richard Lee Brown I love this man, and do you know why? Because I have never seen him in a fancy car or show his house or talk about how much money he’s made. He’s never asked you to buy anything and he’s not afraid to tell the truth.

Leslie Gray
Leslie Gray I’ve said this years ago. You can’t make money unless you hustle and flow. Work hard and smart has been instilled in my brain from my father and grandfather. I have instilled that into my children as well. I love you and you’re the shiz!!

Abe Espinosa
Abe Espinosa Get Rich Scheme, who doesnt want to get rich quick. Do you want to Get Rich Slow? Getting monthly “passive” income or selling something in ebay and earning $500/month can make a lot of difference for majority of people. Everything involves work, hustleSee more

Rave DeGrave
Rave DeGrave I was just in Jamaica a few weeks ago Gary Vaynerchuk. I smoked a lot of good stuff while there and yes, I made quite a large amount of passive income. I feel like you spoke directly about me. I AM that magical person.

Alessandro Riggi
Alessandro Riggi Jesse Biddau only was is by putting in work brothaaa ??

Mario Comando
Mario Comando Make 2 minutes video—–>editing—>make mp4—->make the thumbs—->export the mp3 for the podcast—->send the mp3 for the transcription for your blog—–>upload all these fucking files and add descriptions and links—–>start promoting your videoSee more

Robert Smith
Robert Smith Sometimes it seems like half of Instagram is made up of these posers taking a picture of an Audemars on their wrist while they try it on at the luxury swiss time store.

They. Are. Soft.

James Schaad
James Schaad Yep and this applies to everything. Ppl are lazy. A life of convenience has made us so lazy and we are all searching for the magic bill or the magic idea that will bring us everything easily. Nope. The ppl selling you this did figure out how to make it happen; they figured out how to get you to pay them for a pipe dream.

Jah Jenkins
Jah Jenkins Great content gary honestly it’s just about putting the work in that is the magic and because of you a lot more people are thinking practical including myself and striving for greatness everyday is a way for me to earn and learn thanks for everything seriously Gary

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