15 Ways To Make One Million Dollars

If you want to improve your lifestyle, you have to level up and make more money.

And for today's video is all about ways that can make you hit 1 million dollars.

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In this post, I'm sharing this great video made by lux that will get you motivated and shows you how you can make 1 million dollars, which I believe is a great goal for anyone in this life.

So watch this video and discover this 15 business and tips that can make you one million dollars.

these are the15 ways to make one million dolloars in brief. 

#1 : Learn how to be a good salesman.
#2 : Write and sell your own books.
#3 : License a patent or trademark to a large company.
#4 : DropShipping.
#5 : Start a small business and scale it.
#6 : Save money aggressively
#7 : Join CryptoMarket with your own ICO
#8 : Purchase a franchise & make it successful.
#9 : Create a subscription service
#10 : Work for a multimillionaire businessman
#11 : Go viral on YouTube
#12 : Create a build a blog that gets millions of visits per month
#13 : Design an App with millions of downloads.
#14 : Get over 100,000 twitch subscribers.
#15 : Buy things and sell them for the double.

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