Uncover Your Superpowers : by Jim Kwik

If its your 1st time to hear about Jim Kwik, I'm telling you he is known globally as the most recognized leader in Memory improvment and accelerated learning, the one that you should follow or get trained by if you want to work your brain to reach its full potential. and today is live with Tom Bilyeu in his impact theory show.

What does this Video ( interview ) cover?

in this video you'll  learn about : 

  • the work ethic and disciplineJim Kwik learned from his  immigrant parents as a son.
  • his private experience  growing up with his brain injury.
  • his two biggest challenges became his journey
  • his formula for success by  overcoming his fear. 
  • the problems he  wants to solve surrounding education
  •  what he thinks about a new educational system.
  •  acquiring the belief system and values to transcend.
  • the way to cultivate and change beliefs
  • how to build a new identity and how identity drives behavior
  • Jim describes the clues that genius leaves behind.
  • why learning is a strong powert and how heroes represent hope.
  • going  through dark times creating  consistent routines.
  • the impact Jim's wants to have on the world.

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