how to sell alibaba products

How to sell Alibaba products

Amazon, Alibaba, two big companies that are growing so fast, especially during the pandemic.

yes, eCommerce has seen tremendous growth using these two great platforms.

While I was searching on Google, I found that a lot of people were looking for a way to sell products online.

It's true that a lot of people make money selling products online, but certainly, not all of them do it the right way.

there are strategies, simple tips, tools that will help you becoming a high-performing salesperson and skyrocketing your income with less effort than the majority of regular salespeople.

I am going to share some tips that I learned while attending an Amazon webinar on how to become a professional amazon seller.

If you're interested, you can check out the full webinar here if it's still available.

A lot of people know a lot about Amazon, but know less about Alibaba, so to begin with, let's answer this question, what is Alibaba?

What is Alibaba?

how to sell on alibaba

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in China - and by some measures, the world. how to sell alibaba products

A large corporation with hundreds of millions of users is a source of wealth for millions of traders and businesses.

in fact, Alibaba handles more business than any other e-commerce company in the world.

How to make Profits from Alibaba?

sell alibaba products

Sourcing products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to make huge profits as an Amazon seller.

Why? this is because you can get high-profit margins by selling products that you buy from Alibaba at very low prices with high prices on Amazon. so how to sell alibaba products

you can use SellerApp to find profitable products that are selling well.

The criteria of the successful product to sell on amazon.

successfull product
  1. High quality.
  2. Enough demand.
  3. Not too much competition.

these are the three characteristics that you need to pay attention to if you want to choose a product to sell well on Amazon and have big profits.

if any of these characteristics is missing, you might have difficulties selling it.

in fact, there are people who make 6 figures focusing on selling a single product on amazon, you can look at these success stories.

you can learn bout building a 6 figures income selling on amazon during this 7 days training course by amazing

Find the best supplier

find supplier

Now that you have found the products you want to sell on amazon, it is time to find the best supplier on Alibaba.

there would be many suppliers available and willing to sell you the product you are looking for.

but the price would vary, so you have to find the cheapest one to be able to make big profits.

when you find one with the lowest price, contact them and request a sample to see if the product meets the criteria you are looking for.

if all goes well as you want, you can reply to them and even ask for a discount.

Product Rebranding

product rebranding

Once you finally agree about the price, let move to the next step, Rebranding.

you have to rebrand the product and give it a unique look so that you can stand out of the crowd that is selling the same product as yours.

you can look for a graphic designer and give him a brief of how you want to design your brand.
one you get the designs, contact the product supplier and ask him to rebrand the product the way you want it.

The complete guide to doing all this can be learned during

Ship the product to the Amazon warehouse

internet income starter

finally, your product is ready.

the last step is to ship the quantity of product you ordered from the supplier to the Amazon warehouse where amazon can handle all the sales processes for you.

Amazon has its own heavy traffic and the products sell easily.

Final thought

All these steps are only in short, there is a lot of things to do between lines.

If you are really interested in learning how to build a successful Amazon business, the only course I would recommend is the Amazon Selling Machine.

It may not be affordable for everyone, but it is a complete Amazon FBA course available.

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