Clickmagick vs Clickmeter: Which is the Best? [2020]

Clickmagick vs Clickmeter: Which is the Best? [2020]

Tracking links was very overwhelming and complicated, but not anymore,
today there are thousands of link tracking software that can help you identify the source and the number of clicks you get on your links.

again making it overwhelming and confusing which one to choose, or which one can serve you needs the best.

I was once in your place, that’s why I want to share my experience with you here.

in this review, or say, in this comparison of the two best affordable link tracking tools, Clickmagick vs Clickmeter.

but before we start, why track your links?

clickmagick vs clickmeter
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The quick and simple answer is that tracking links can help you know your numbers.

This is why tracking is very important for any online business.

Plus, tracking can save you a lot of time and effort, more importantly, tracking links can save you a lot of money.


using one of these link tracking services will help you indicate what is working and what needs to be changed. which can help you develop your business for the better, FASTER!

so here we go, which one is better, Clickmagick or Clickmeter?

Clickmeter vs Clickmagick, which one is the best?

clickmagick vs clickmeter
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What is special about Clickmeter?

well, I can not deny that Clickmeter is one of the best tracking service providers in the space.

but we want to know if it would be the best choice for you, discovering:

  • what differentiates it from Clickmagick?
  • the services you get for what you pay.
  • is it affordable or not?
  • and more.

So, who Clickmeter is for?

Like most other trackers, Clickmeter is also, for anyone who wants to track their clicks, for any business that wants to take control of its traffic, by getting a great analysis and stats from their campaigns. it’s for retailers, marketing managers, webmasters, agencies, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and so on..

what can it be used for?

clickmeter vs clickmagick

Mainly, to be able to easily track links on social media, pay per click, email marketing, blog posting, press releases, and much more.

Weather you are selling online or offline, it can help with that so much.

Over 100 Clickmeter features available to its customers.

Here are the most common features, which are very important when it comes to link tracking.

Link CloakingYes
Click fraud detectionYes
Campaign MonitoringYes
Real-Time Results SharingYes
A/B TestingYes
Tracking PixelYes
Links RotatorYes
 Commission ManagementYes

Clickmeter Pricing plans

clickmeter pricing
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ClickMeter Free Trial, no, no, no, they don’t offer a free trial, but you have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’re safe.

If you don’t like it, they can refund you within 30 days of purchase. Happily without asking why.

So what are the pricing plans?

ClickMeter has 3 pricing plans for you.
Medium, Large, X-large

(you save $58)
(you save $198)
(you save $698)
(you save $174)
(you save $594)
(you save $2,094)

What do these plans offer?

clickmeter pricing plans what you get?

Also, if you are an even larger company and want a personalized plan, you can contact Clickmeter support by email or phone. and they can get you what you want.

Clickmagick vs Clickmeter: Which one I consider the best choice?

Just like Clickmeter, Clickmagick also has strengths and weaknesses.
I will cover this below.

Who ClickMagick is for?

Image: ClickMagick

Clickmagick is for everyone who lives with traffic, everyone who relies on clicks to grow their business, anyone wants to make money online.

it’s for:

  • affiliates.
  • Marketers.
  • Bloggers,
  • Traffic sellers and buyers

Generally, it’s for everyone who has a traffic-related business, just like you and me, my friend.

You are here to compare these two link tracking tools “Clickmagick vs Clickmeter” tells that, you are getting traffic to your website or landing pages and you want to know your numbers.

Or maybe you are spending too much money but you have a low ROI and want to know why. tracking is the key, so, it’s for you.

What does Clickmagick do and what can it be used for?

The main goal of using Clickmagick is for tracking links, just like Clickmeter, but why tracking links?

This question opens up the door for a whole new load of answers. the most important answer to them is to make more money with little investments.

When you track your Facebook campaigns, solo ads, banner ads, emails you send to your email marketing list, your AdWord campaigns, and more…

You always get great stats tracking the clicks you get on your links, knowing which one is performing well and which one you should customize or eliminate.

Plus, You take benefit of split-testing and URL rotating and its Advanced Geotargeting features.

also, you can split-test landing pages, and have the ability to redirect your visitors to specific pages that are in their native language.

for example, you can create a landing page with different languages.

so that when a French speaker clicks on one of your links, he gets redirected to a French landing page. like that you can get better conversion rates.

By using Clickmagick, you spend less money and save more.
you get great results by keeping the most performing campaigns.

with all of these, we can set Clickmagick as a benefit-driven tracking tool.

ClickMagick features

clickmeter vs clickmagick  features

I’m not going to cover all of Clickmagick’s features here, as it would take you a long time to read.

but I’m going to cover its best useful features that can help you scale up your business in none expensive way

Let’s start,
The 1st Clickmagick feature is:

Clickmagick custom domain name

Clickmagick offers their personal custom domain name to use for your links, but you know what?

using this same domain that all Clickmagick customers use, will do you more harm than it serves you,

that’s why they recommend using your own custom domain name.

with that, you can have your own brand tracking links, and it would be better and much safer for you.

The 2nd feature is :

ClickMagick Campaigns feature

ClickMagick Campaigns is a modern tracking solution. this feature uses industry-standard UTM parameters added to your own URLs for tracking.

It intended for tracking and optimizing paid ads and your entire sales funnels

This feature allows you to track all your paid ads in one place with much more detailed stats.

The 3rd feature is:

ClickMagick link rotators

Link Rotators feature allows you to route visitors to different landing pages.

When a visitor clicks on your link, they will be redirected to one of the multiple URLs that you have added to the rotator.

You can configure different delivery rules: sequential, random, weighted.

clickmagick review

Clickmagick Pricing and plans

clickmagick pricing  plans
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ClickMagick has 3 main pricing plans, Starter plan, Standard plan, Pro plan, these plans differ according to their cost.

the higher the cost, the more features you get.

I continue to receive emails from my subscribers asking if there is a bigger discount offer, but NO, there is no bigger offer than what they offer.

So, if you really want to save more, the best option you have is to opt for Standard with the yearly plan, in order to save 26%

Here is a table I made by comparing the cost when you choose to pay monthly or yearly.

Pricing Plans and what you get in each of them.

Starter PlanStandard PlanPro Plan
Discount 23%
(you save $77)
You Pay:
Discount 26%
(you save $207)
You Pay:
Discount 23%
(you save $267)
You Pay:
You get :
For the new marketer
who wants the shortcut
to bigger profits …
Up to 10,000 clicks /mo.
Unlimited Conversions
All Core Features
Funnel Tracking – 1 Funnel
2 custom tracking domains
Data retention for 6 months
Helpdesk support
For growing businesses
that want the best of
better evolve quickly …
Up to 100,000 clicks /mo.
Unlimited Conversions
All Core Features
Cross-Device Tracking
Funnel Tracking – 5 Funnels
10 custom tracking domains
1-year data retention
Fanatical Live Chat support
One-On-One Onboarding Call
Experts Academy
For experienced users who want free professional-level marketing training …
Up to 1,000,000 clicks /mo.
Unlimited Conversions
All Core Features
Cross-Device Tracking
Funnel Tracking – Unlimited
Unlimited custom domains
2-year data retention
Fanatical Live Chat support
One-On-One Onboarding Call
Experts Academy Pro

I’ll add clickmagick 30 days free trial when available.

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