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ClickMagick Review 2022: What’s New!!

As an affiliate marketer, I make money online selling digital products, I get a lot of sales from these honest reviews I write about different digital products I love;

The problem is, I don't know which of these reviews is driving sales. Because I was sharing my affiliate links using these free URL shortening software, which doesn't provide me with enough data to help me know which link is performing well.

Having these missing data would help me know the best places to place my links in, which will lead to more sales, which means more income.

But that was some time ago before I knew about link trackers.

wondering what is link tracking?

Well, it's like it says, link tracking, or URL tracking, click tracking.

It is software or tools that provide data about those links you use online.

Every time someone clicks on one of them you get data that can be very useful such as the source and the number of clicks you get on the links so that you know which link generated low clicks or was never clicked.

all these data can help you save money or multiply it. How?

Simply by getting rid of those links that don't generate sales or those broken links on different webpages or landing pages that you run campaigns to.

Will, all that having been said, I guess you are here probably because you have come to a point where you know how important link tracking is and you are looking for the right or the best link tracker software.

I bet ClickMagick caught your eye, but still confused if it's the best, right?

Let me tell you this my friend, I have been using Clickmagick for about 2 years, it was a game-changer for me. that's why I decided to write this review about it, in which I will cover what I like and what I don't like. hoping this will have an answer to those questions you have in your head.

ClickMagick Review:

clickmagick review

What is ClickMagick?

what is clickmagick

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  1. Clickmagick is a tool that tracks link clicks, which helps optimize marketing campaigns and provide accurate data that will help grow any online business.

    it's a web-based app, which means all you need to do is pay for a plan and start using it.

    to me, it is the easiest and most affordable tracking software on the market.

    Beside link tracking, it also comes with a lot of other features, I will share my favorite below in this review.

How does clickmagick work?

this is how Clickmagick works.

with five clicks or steps, you can get your a tracking link that is ready to use.

  • Step 1: on your CM Dashboard, click on "Create a new Link".

  • Step 2: Choose a link Group to place your link into (this is optional, but can keep your links well organized)

  • Step 3: Give your link a desired name.

  • Step 4: Next, if you already connect a custom domain name, select one to use or simply use the default one. ( for better results it is highly recommended to have your own custom tracing domain name)

  • Step 5: Finally, the last step, Past your long ugly affiliate link under the Primary URL heading. and click "create link"

What are the best Clickmagick featuers

tracker tool best features

Besides link tracking, Clickmagick is packed with plenty of other great features such as link rotation, A / B testing, fraud click detection, and more other powerful features that make this tool one of the best tracking tools out there. I'll talk about my favorites features next.

  1. Split Testing

    As I discovered recently, no matter how good my landing pages are, sometimes a very slight difference in text or graphics makes a huge difference in conversion rates.

    But how do I know which landing page will convert the most?

    thanks to the Clickmagick A/B test function, I am now able to find out.

    This is how it works,

    Rather than showing a single offer or page that “we don't know how it will perform” yet, we show visitors different offers or pages and wait for the tracking results to show us which converts or performs best.

    Once we find the one with the best results, we can eliminate or make adjustments to the ones with  weak or low results, and see if we can come up with other versions that are better.

    Split testing also gives the option to assign how much traffic we want to send to each different page, for example, if we have three pages. 60% of traffic can be attributed to one that is known to be performing well. then, divide the rest between the other two pages.

    check the simple drawing I made on this picture
split testing

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  • Retargeting

    In every platform, retargeting is very powerful.
    also, every platform differs in applying process.

    Even that the results desired by  users are the same,  Clickmagick made it easier Add Retargeting Pixels To Any Link, which takes it a step ahead when compared with its competitors.

    Clickmagick's retargeting feature allows you to retarget users who have clicked a link or viewed any content on any web page you use Clickmagick on, even if you don't own that page.

    This is huge for affiliate marketers, they can save a lot of money by retargeting those who had already clicked on a link they were promoting before.

    so, With this you in your hands, will have the opportunity to increase your exposure to all of your offers, with a few cents spent out of your pocket.
  • Sub-IDs

    The Clickmagick Sub-Id feature is getting much more popular day by day.
    this "dynamic sub-id" feature allows anyone who uses it to add one or five sub-ds at the end of any tracking link created with Clickmagick.

    like this, you can easily track all your link clicks, while collecting separate data in your stats.

    the first time I heard about it the thing that comes to my mind is: "it may take some experience to use"

    but in fact, it's as easy as eating a piece of cake. all you need is to add a name, as an example: "Home" to the end of your tracking link after the: /: symbol.

    look at this URL :

    this is your normal Clickmagick tracking link:

    this is how it becomes when you add the sub-id:

    or you can add up to 5 sub IDs: it will look like this:

In short, a sub-identifier is an identifier, a unique one that can be used to track individual things.

Sub-IDs can track individual clicks, individual visitors, or even actions like sales, conversions. you can track almost anything you want

there are many ad networks, google ads, bing ads, yahoo Gemini, etc. all of these networks provide you with their own statistics.

but how would you trust them !! the statistics you get may not be very accurate.

Clickmagick went much further.

with the Clickmagick campaigns feature, you can track all your campaigns on any of these ad networks and have more stats and data, and all in one place with just a few clicks, that's why it's called Magick.

Who need to use clickmagick?

who need this tracking tool

Who should use Clickmagick? this is the question that a lot of people are asking, they are not sure if this tracking tool would benefit them if they use it.

look, my friend, if you are an affiliate, you are so crazy to miss this tool.

In fact, any online business owners need to use it,  I assure you Clickmagick will save you a lot of money.

It's just as its name says, Click Magick, this tracking service can help you filter, track, analyze and test every click you get on your links.

Clickmagick will provide you with data that can be of great use to you.

In short, if you want to stop wasting money, scale your business, and increase your income by 10X, Clickmagick is the missing piece of your business.

Clickmagick custom domain

what is a custom domain name? check this simple sketch I made to explain what a domain name is. this is how it works

 custom domain name

Image Design : MD

This video explains in great detail how to create a Clickmagick custom domain for tracking, if you follow the steps provided you'll get your Clickmagick custom tracking domain name in 3 minutes.

Clickmagick support

clickmagick support

Clickmagick is very easy to use, the first time you register and login to the dashboard, you will find a getting started video alongside a large library of videos waiting for you to answer and resolve any problem or question you may have with Clickmagick.

But that's not all, if you can't find an answer for what you have, ClickMagick Support Desk has a great team, you can contact them and they will get back to you quickly.

in fact, this is a strong point that makes me stand up and applaud.

Clickmagick alternative

clickmagick alternatives

yes, it is true, although Clickmagick is a very powerful tracker, but still  in some cases inconvenient for some people, it may not meet your needs, or for any other reasons such its branding color, "Haha.." so you might be looking for a replacement.

there are a lot of link trackers out there, but I picked five as my best Clickmagick alternatives on the market.

How much does ClickMagick cost?

pricing plans

With three different Clickmagick pricing plans to choose from, this amazing tracking platform wants to offer everyone who uses it a suitable plan.

You can choose the plan that is right for you based on your needs, mainly based on how much traffic you get to your website.

For example, if you get less than 10,000 visits per month, Clickmagick Starter plan would be perfect for you. to get it, it will cost you $ 27 per month.

The second is the standard plan, it is a 100,000 clicks plan, for $ 67 a month.

The pro plan offers up to 1 million clicks per month, and it costs $97/mo

This plan (Clickmagick pro plan) is more for those who are getting massive traffic to their website. "this is a FREE massive traffic blueprint plan strategy that I love"

Check  this Image for more details about pricing plans:

three plans
penny saver

Every Penny Saver


I See that I can get a huge discount if I choose one of the yearly membership plans, but I have a question, can I find a clickmagick Coupon somewhere, You know, this is me Every Penny Saver. so if you could show me a place where I can get a coupon please!!

clickmagick coupon

Did I hear, Clickmagick coupon?

Iam Not sure if there are coupons for clickmagick, I'v never seen or heard anyone using it, so I advise you to stay away from anyoone who does offer clickmagick coupons, becuase it will probably be a scam.

I don't think they offer coupons, but you can get a discount if you decide to become an annual member.

Plus, you can get a 14-day, risk-free trial, because you'll have a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked.

If you want to get  more details about this, you can check Clickmagick's refund policy here.

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