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In this article, I'm doing a comparison between these two Shopify rap songs by Chris and the original ones.

Here we start, the 1st song is shopify rap song by Chris Record, it's a funny parody remix of Khalifa's Black and Yellow song, but this one was made for Entrepreneurs to motivate them and at the same time give them an idea about this amazing Ecomerce platform called Shopify.

to make this song, Chris Record has chosen to create an original beat, rather than using the original instrumental of Black and yellow.
enough said I'll let you listen and watch the two Videos Of Chris record and the original one where Chris Got inspired to make this song that I personally love.

So watch and Compare and let Me know what do you think 🙂


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chris record shopify

Now let compare the 2nd Shopify rap called "Storez on the web" and what do you think.


in my opinion, I think I like Chris Record music because it is educational and has something to do with what we like to do. which is selling and making money online. I also like Shopify because it changed my life and the lives of so many other people by making it easy for us to set up "these storez on the web" and made my online business easier.

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