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How to Build social media following [2022]

When joining the social media space, we are putting our self in front of billions of  people with different personalities, our personality is just one of them.

we try hard to build social media following using all these almost useless tips and tricks we learned somewhere.

Today In this article I'm going to share with you my friend, the experience I had on building a strong social media following and try to answer some questions such as:

  • how to build social media following?
  • How do I grow my social media following organically?
  • How do you attract following?

The real fact about building social following

Build social media following

The fact is that we all get upset and uncomfortable once we start to build following on social media for the 1st time.

I know it because I've experienced that, at that time when I started building my audience, whenever I publish new content, even that I knew I put a lot of efforts into creating it, I receive a very low level of interactions.

that was breaking my spirit and makes me feel some kind of failure.

Then I slowed the process of posting new content, and stop after that to quite sooner.

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But that was not me, I did not stop there because I was motivated by like minded I was surrounding myself by.

I know from their experience that the start is the most hard stage of the game when it comes to building social follwing.

I have continued posting consistently without caring about the level of interaction because I acquired patience and had faith in what I was doing.

Everything needs patience at the beginning my friend.

 patience, and plans, if you have patience and you were doing it wrong you may be wasting your time.

but don't worry, I'm going to tell you how to do it if you have patience.

the #1 killing mistake everyone does when trying to build a social following

Long ago, when I first got into social media and try to make some followers, I was posting content with the goal of extracting likes and shares from my visitors.

I was treating them just like numbers, and that was not working.

it was a wast of time.

The right way to building a social following

Now, whenever I have something to share on social media, I always put myself in the shoe of those who will read it and see if I have gotten any value from it.

Then, I wait for those 1st interactions.
once it happens I respond to them and ask if they get any value and even ask if there is something else messing they were looking for.

if the answer was yes, I go back and try to find the missing piece and update that content.

After a while, I ask them if it is possible to share the message with their friends for better results.

Now that you have some followers, you may be wondering how to continue to offer new content to feed and grow them, right?

these are some common questions that people ask about that:

  • How to Find the Best Content to Post on Social Media?
  • How do I create content ideas?
  • what content works best on Facebook?
  • what makes a good social media post?

this is my answers for you.

How to find good valuable contents to publish?

You probably heard about this word, "Cashing in on Passion"

if you are passionate about something and you continually learn new things about it, you can come up with great contents every single day to feed and grow your followers.

For example, I'm passionate about making websites, and I use WordPress to do that.

in the beginning, I have no clue about using this platform, and I consistently learn new things about it every day.

One day I come across one of Gary Vaynerchuk's videos and watched it, he was talking about "documenting".

Documenting means record a video or audio clip, or even just  write

about whatever You do.

Starting that day, everything I learn about building websites using WordPress I document it, I make videos and articles about it and share it on my social media.

 I was doing it because I like what I'm doing.

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because there was value in what I was sharing with my followers, I noticed that the interaction was growing day by day.

Since that day I started this strategy My following start growing fast and I started getting even more interactions.

All because I was sharing my knowledge, experience, using my pictures and videos. which has created trust inside those who were following me.

Monetize your social media following

Now that my following trust me, I keep receiving more emails from them asking for help, for more explanations, recommendations.

which means more interactions with my contents.

I can make money using AdSense, or from the tools and products, I recommend for them trough affiliate links. and you can find more ways to monetiz them here in this medium article, its as simple as that.

I was doing it wrong, and I think most of those who are trying to build social media presence, are doing the same exact mistake.


Mark Dokim

Marketer / Designer

so my friend don't complicate things, be yourself, and share your experience with people, and trust me, you'll have your fans if you are the real you on social media..

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