10 Best Link Tracker Software for Marketers (2023)

This would be a complete list of the best Link Tracker services that are making huge growth providing great tracking data for marketers and affiliates in 2023.

But before starting let just clarify why link trackers are so crucial for any business to grow.

It is because a link tracker can : 

  • save you time.
  • save you money,
  • provide you with data that can help you know what works and what doesn't.

Every link tracking service comes with many other functions and features besides tracking, such as link rotating, A/B split testing, custom tracking domain, and the list goes on.

These differences in some features separate them and make them compete to provide the best of it so that they can acquire more customers.

But not all of them are doing it well, each one has points of strength and weakness, which may make it overwhelming for you to know which one to choose.

that's why I write this article to share these 10 tracking tools with good to great reputations. Let dive in and discover these best link tracker tools.

This is my Complete list of the best link tracker for 2023:

1 - ClickMagick: the all in one link tracker solution

best link tracker

So far, this is my favorite and best link tracker tool that I've found on the internet at a reasonable price, I use it daily, especially for ad tracking, and I always get great results analyzing my stats.

Clickmagick amazed me when I 1st discover it, also, the support disk which never let me down when I get lost somewhere using their software.

Moreover, it is the 1st place where I've learned a lot about the link tracking game using their FREE training guide, without mentioning their other marketing training created by 6 and 7-figure or even 8-figure Affiliate marketers for FREE.

Without talking about All its dozen useful tools and features, in my opinion, this is the right tool anyone needs if want better results and master the art of link tracking.

That is why I'm sure Clickmagick is worth spending my money on. You can try it by yourself for free,  create your free 14 days trial account .

Best Clickmagick Features

  • Funnel Builder: this allows You to take full control of traffic and easily review all stages of your sales funnel..

  • Advanced Retargeting: this feature will allow you to extend your campaign's exposure while saving more money by retargeting visitors interested in your previous offers while achieving high conversion rates.

  • Dynamic links: another feature that is very essential for you if you are running campaigns, it will give you much more control over your affiliate links.

  • Automated Bot Filtering: a feature that ensures you get real visitors and provides you with accurate stats.

  • Expert Academy: a comprehensive training that will teach you the latest cutting-edge tips and tricks used by marketers to achieve high ROI.

Price and Plans

Clickmagick offers three different plans Starter, Standard, and Pro.

  • Starter plan for $37 a month
  • Standard Plan for $77 a month
  • Pro plan for 197 a month

I personally recommend trying the standard plan to get familiar with the tools and see if it is enough to cover your business needs.

You can't pay? no worries, start your 14-day FREE Trial. then if you don't like it, you can cancel anytime.

2 - Voluum

Volum #2 best link tracking

Voluum is an advanced real-time SaaS analytics platform, It’s designed to allow performance marketers to track the progress and profitability of their advertising campaigns.

With Voluum, you will get unique insights from your campaigns, empowering you to revise what’s not profitable and scale what already works.

This platform "Voluum" assists media buyers, performance agencies, and affiliates at every stage of the campaign management process, arming them with detailed information about millions of events in real-time.

Voluum DSP is the only thing I like most about Voluum because it simplifies and gives more advantages to its users, such as:

  • getting the campaign approved, by following the given Voluum guideline.
  • Automatic Campaign Split and micro bidding, which makes you benefit from higher ROI,
  • Creative assets A-B testing.

All that while having your Account Manager ready to onboard with you and help you with optimization and scaling.

In short, by using Voluum, you can :

Setup, Manage, Analyze, Optimize, Automate, and Scale your advertising campaigns like nowhere else!

*New powerful feature has been added 2022 "AUTOMIZER": now you can take control of all your campigns in one place, without need to leave Voluum dashboard, all that while benifiting of some automation rules that require technical skills to make them work.

Best Voluum Features

  • Application Programming Interface, a tool particularly useful for developers giving you remote control over your account.
  • Optimized ad performance via A/B tests to establish which campaigns are meeting the conversion goal.
  • Option to scale affiliate marketing business with reports, setting workplaces for different teams, and listicle tracking.
  • Auto-optimize ad campaigns with custom tools.

Price and Plans

Voluum pricing plans come in two forms, Individual and business, you also have the option to pay monthly or annually
let's start with:

  1.  individual plans
    Discover plan for $89 a month
    Profit plan for $149 a month
    Scale plan for $299 a month
    Discover plan for $69 a month
    Profit plan for $119 a month
    Scale plan for $239 a month
  2. Business Plans
    Start-up plan for $499 a month
    Agency plan for $999 a month
    Enterprise plan for $1999 a month
    Start-up plan for $399 a month
    Agency plan for $799 a month
    Enterprise plan for $1599 a month

Used by over 6000 marketer, Improvely is a robust link tracker suite for monitoring conversion results.

You can use it to get highly accurate stats of your online advertisement links and campaigns.

Simply said, Improvely is an all-in-one platform for click fraud detection, landing page split testing, affiliate marketing, and conversion tracking.

It is designed for various types of users, from freelancers and startups to SMEs and large agencies. but, it is more valuable for agencies and marketers who want to protect their advertising budget, optimize their marketing strategies, and boost their revenue.

Best Improvely Features

  • Segment traffic while following links and receive a profile of your site visitors.
  • block and prevent bots, and fake clicks, while having details about the source of that such as location and IP addresses..
  • Import/export data from advertising networks.

Price and Plans

Improvely offers four pricing plans:

  1. Freelancer for $29 a month
  2. StartUp for $79 a month
  3. Small Agency for $149 a month
  4. Large Agency for $299 a month

Each plan is also accompanied by a 14-day trial period.

4 - Clickmeter: track, target, Monitor & share

ClickMeter is another excellent link tracker software that can help you quickly create tracking links.

It's also a great software that can be used for tracking ads while having real-time data reports.

First of all, ClickMeter offers no trial, and  it comes with 3 different packages. Medium, Large and X-large.

The lowest price for ClickMeter is $ 29 per month, and it applies to the starter package titled "Medium".

If you are a beginner, you should start with the cheapest package, because you have the option to 
upgrade to other if you like it and knew that  it suits your needs.

Overall, it's a good link tracker software, here on my list, it's the # 4 as the best link tracking tools.

Best ClickMeter Features

  • Advertisers can use the tool to track sales and conversions while reducing click fraud activities.

  • Affiliates can cloak their links to hide to targeted URLs which will result in much more convirsion.

Price and Plans

with Clickmeter you can have a 30-day money-back guarantee, yes no free Trial, its seems they trust their service more than others.

so you have to choose which plan you wish to join and if you don't like it for any reason you can get your money refunded.

  1. Medium plan for $29 a month.
  2. Large plan for $99 a month.
  3. X-Large plan for $349 a month.
clickmagick vs clickmeter

5 - RedTrack : Easy-to-use ad tracker

best link tracking

RedTrack is a SaaS traffic and conversions tracking software for webmasters that can be used as an all-in one system to manage affiliate campaigns.

With the help of its advanced data analysis tools you can easily optimize and track your affiliate links and campaigns to achieve a higher marketing performance with smaller budget. Redtrack comes in the 5th place as my best link tracking tools.

link tracker

Best Redtrack Features

  • Monitoring of various URLs including link tracking, custom domains, impression, etc.

  • Reports on campaigns, conversions and traffic sources.
    Ability to create reports and filter templates.

Price and Plans

RedTrack pricing is very diverse, the team tries to ensure that each space gets its very suitable plan.
from affiliates to advertisers and agencies.

and each of them has different plans to choose from.
from the Pro plan to the advanced plan, plans for teams and companies. with the option to pay monthly or annually.

it all starts at just $99 per month when paying monthly.
or $69 per month if you pay annually.

but you can try any of these plans for FREE, you have a 14 days waiting for you.

pretty links plugin tracking tool

Pretty Links is a powerful WordPress affiliate link tracker software, it allows you to create clean short versions of any of your links, especially long affiliate ones which are not pretty and hard to remember, also it is very simple to use.

I've been using it on my WordPress sites, and it still works and getting better day by day. and I can say this is one of the best free link tracking plugin.

7 - Bitly : Powerful free link tracking

bitly best free link tracker

Bitly is special for creating short links that can be used on social networks. It is useful because it helps get rid of long and ugly URLs by turning it into short ones that are clean and easy to remember.

Moreover, it is also useful for tracking the number of clicks on links by their geographic area.

In short, Bitly is a good tracking tool, very easy to use, even non-techies could start using it instantly.

The free version does the job, but you have to upgrade if you want to have your own custom branding link.

Best Bitly Features

  • Proven API for integrating branded links into automated workflows.

  • Bitly lets you shorten URLs and easily create branded links.

  • Using Bitly you can get Detailed link tracking analysis, such as location and referral details.

8 - LinkTrackr: : Link tracking Mad Easy

linktrackr: free cloaking software

This is another reliable marketing tool for anyone who wants to track his affiliate links.

LinkTrackr is a handy tool that can accurately track your links while providing more data and stats.

 It has several laudable capabilities, also you can use it to hide affiliate links to avoid losing your commissions.

 You can also use it for split tests, the thinng that will help maximize your return on investment.

But, for Ad tracking, it is not yet as effective as Voluum and ClickMagick, there are still improvements to be made.

so here it comes as #9 potition on my link tracker list.

9 - ClickGum :my #10 link tracking software


As a new gamer in clicks tracking game, ClickGum is offering 1500 monthly click tracking for users within the free Plan, and up to 10000 clicks track for those with a "Manager plan" or what they call "I'm a traffic student". 

Also, there are two other plans with more options depending on your needs.

Like almost all the other trackers, ClickGum is also a web-based tool,  all you need is to join  and start using their tracking service.

Right now, as the platform is still in the growth phase, the prices are still low, that's why it's a good choice for low budget marketers.

I've tried this tool for two months, and I can rate it 3.5/5. and decided to rank number 10 on my list here for the best link tracker.

10 - Clixtrac: old school Powerful free link tracker

click tracker

Clixtrac link tracker is last on my list as the best link tracker you can rely on as an alternative to all of the above.
it is still known in click tracking's space and has managed to keep some exposure to itself.

to be honest, personally, I don't like this tool, but when I searched about it on google, I found out that this tool has managed to make some fans, so I thought that if I wasn't one of these fans, you could be one, that's why I'm sharing it here.

the one favorite feature that I like about this tool is the free banner and link tracking properties that allow the user to track how many times the links in your marketing campaign are viewed and clicked by your visitors.

that is why I'll make it simple, this tool is for those who are just looking for a tool with a very low price, those who do not care about these advanced features.

ClixTrac prices start from $4.95 as a premium plan, But I advise you to go for the free Plan 1st.
That's all I can say about Clictrac

Quick answers to  common questions I keep receiving.

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Which service do I use to track links?

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  1. Never Had any problem since I started using Clickmagick.. Great service and great team.. I don’t think there will be any replacment to it any soon!!

  2. After trying the 14 days trail and see how it works, I could not say nothng but “This is perfect” so I’ve upgraded for Standard Plan.

    But I have a question, is there a way to import datas from Voluum to ClickMagick?

    It would be great if I can do that, I have lot of stats there that I want to transfer to Clickmagick.

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