Best clickfunnels alternative

Best clickfunnels alternative: My top 5 Funnel Builders (2019)

When it comes to funnel building, there is no doubt Clickfunnels is the number one choice, but not everyone can afford its price. thats why so many people are looking for other options as alternatives to it.
Today in this article, I'm going to share with you my top 5 best funnel builder that you can use as Clickfunnels alternative as a WordPress user.

Top 5 affordable alternative to ClickFunnels - 2019



best funnel builder

The Builderall platform project started in 2011 and has grown to become an unlimited all-in-one Digital Marketing platform that sat a unique goal which is to deliver results to different companies around the world.
It has:

  • More than 40,000 satisfied users
  • 500,000+ published websites.
  • different packages for different types of business.

You can choose an the premium package and pay $69.90 a month and get access to all the main features of Builderall.

Builderall is ideal for anyone who wants to create landing pages or funnels for selling products and services. and its already been used by a lot of affiliate marketers.
In this Article, it comes in 5th place as my top 5 best Clickfunnels alternative.



instapage vs clickfunnels

Image from Instapages

I've Used Instapages to set up home pages for some of my websites out there, and I love how easy it is to design great looking pages that have some great conversion rates. 

From a marketing perspective, all I needed is well-performing landing pages with good looking design, wich Instapages help me with.

Their predefined templates helped me save a lot of time. All I need is to choose one and make some adjustments to give it a unique look and adapt it to my brand.

​With Instapages, I find it easy and quick to visualize my landing page design goals, also because its easy to use I respond to my customer's feedback quicker.

What I don't like about it is they are slow to update their template library, so I would appreciate seeing some new ones. so I can give my clients more choices.

So, what I've experienced during my two years of subscription with Instapage was really a lifesaver when it comes to landing pages building. I don't know how are they doing lately because of the competitions out there but I believe they are becoming better because I keep receiving some emails from them about new updates to their platform. that's why I made a choice to reserve the 4th place for Instapages as one of my top 5 best  Clickfunnels alternative.



Image from Leadpages

Leadpages is been around since January 2013. and has been improoving and growing to become one of the best funnel builders.
Also, it is a good choice for beginners who aren’t ready or cannot afford yet to pay for expensive software such as Infusionsoft & ClickFunnels.

Leadpages is a good investment that offers good quality service for a resonable price, starting from $25 / Month. Here it comes in 3rd place as one of the best funnel builders.



convertri vs clickfunnels

Image from Convertri

​Convertri vs Clickfunnels, Which is Better?, Of course, I'm always on my point of view. Clickfunnels is the best, but Convertri is also worth trying.

Convertri is a platform like clickfunnels, it allows you to build your marketing funnels. It is the main competitor of the two dinosaurs out there "Leadpages and InstaPages". but you may wonder what's the difference with Convertri.

Well, Convertri is different when it comes to creating landing pages, most of these famous builders depend on rows that guide you when designing your pages, but Convertri is a true drag-and-drop builder, it gives you total control of the drag and drop, you can build what you want without being guided by any rows, which means that you can drag your items and place them anywhere you want on your page. and all the coding is managed for you in the background.

That's why I think Convertri is one of the best drag-and-drop builders that you can use to build your  funnels and landing pages.
convertri pricing starts from $ 53/month. and here in my article, I decided to reserve the 2nd spot for it.


Thrive Themes

Best clickfunnels alternative

Image from thrivethemes

Thrive Themes, if you're a WordPress user, you've probably heard about it somewhere else, otherwise, let me tell you that you're missing something important that other WordPress users enjoy.
​​Thrive theme is essentially made up of a series of amazing WordPress plugins that come together to offer the same services that you can get with ClickFunnels in a different way. I personally use Thrive Architect (one of Thrive's main plugins) to successfully copy the landing pages of other marketers and make some changes to fit my needs. and the end result always amazes me, I can create any landing page I want with it. All I need is some inspiration. and my competitors inspire me a lot. ''lol''

If you compare it to Clickfunnels, the only part I can see that Clickfunnels is a winner, is hosting. As a Thrive Themes user, you must purchase your own host. and there are excellent affordable web hosting providers, you can check out this article I wrote about it. Although you have to pay for accommodation, you still have a powerful funnel builder at a lower price than clickfunnels.


Internet Markter / Designer

I believe that if Thrive Themes continues to develop its library of plugins the way they are doing now, it is possible that one day they will become the number one competitor or better than clickfunnels.