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Best Article Rewriter: Top 5 powerful for 2022

Because English is not my 1st language, I was facing difficulties to write new content for my website, that's why I've been using article rewriting tools to create good content that I can use as my own.

I've been doing this for about two years and a half, and now I've started writing my unique articles That are way better, without a need to use these paraphrasing tools.

You are here My friend looking for the best article rewriter tools means that you are struggling just as I was back then, that's good because I'm going to save you a lot of time by sharing some of the best tools that I was using. both free and paid ones.


Mark Dokim


Hello. It's me, Mark Dokim.

I just want to advise you, my friend, to focus on learning how to write your own articles.

Because no matter how good quality articles you get by using these article rewriter tools, having one with your own style is much better and more unique.

These paraphrase tools are excellent. you can use them to create unique articles if you are fluent in English

So let's start.

Before I started writing this article, I searched for the most frequently asked questions by users about article rewriting tools. and these are some :

How to rewrite an article?

What is the difference between article spinning and article rewriting?

Is Article Spinning legal?

What is the best article rewriter?

This is what I consider to be the best article rewriter tools for 2021 [updated]

#1 : QuillBot  

QuillBot Article rewriter

What is QuillBot? for me, it is the most powerful free paraphrasing tool that I've used.

The way it works is,  it takes away and changes words in a specific phrase and completely writes a new sentence, while maintaining the same meaning.

Therefore, what I like most about Quillbot is that once I put some effort to rewrite an article for more than once, I finally come up with a great article that is fairly unique and can be used as my blog content once I add more value to it.

QuillBot price? you can start using FREE version, but limited because there is also a premium plan.

As the free plan has limitations in its rewriting features, such as the number of phrases and words, the paid plan unlocks more options to speed and facilitate the process of writing. 

Quillbot premium price comes in three plans: 

  • Annual Plan $3.33 USD/month, Billed as one payment of $39.95 
  • Semi-Annual Plan $4.99 USD/month, Billed as one payment of $29.95
  • Monthly Plan $7.95 USD/month

In short, QuillBot is surprisingly powerful and always still growing and come up with new features while keeping a friendly easy to use interface.

So this is what I definitely recommend you to use, this is my favorite article rewriter.

#2 : WordAi  

wordai rewriter

What I like most about Wordai is the ease to use and the integration options, you can integrate it almost with any marketing tool, which facilitates a lot of things for me.

Therefore, when it comes to article rewriting which is its o initial mission that it was created for, I always get good articles that score 70% to 80% of uniqueness as the final results.

Wordai does good job, but still need to be improved when looking at its cost.

Wordai price is  $50/month, which is a little bit high.

Overall, wordai is a reliable content rewriter tool, but its a bit pricy for what it does when compared to the free service Quillbot affords.

#3 : SpinRewriter


 was lost deciding which article rewriter is the best at rewriting readable content for my blog comparing between these two, SpinRewriter and QuillBot, but at the end I decided to go for SpinRewriter if I want to go for the paid versions, and that's for two simple reasons:

  • 1st: I get better quality articles that passes Copyscape+ which are almost human-readable. 
  • 2nd: for its price that is really affordable compared to WordAi.

When I look at other article rewriters, I get my articles rewritten 2x better than all of them. So, I really recommend it if you decide to go for paid versions.

#4 : ChimpRewriter


Chimprewriter developers claim that this article rewriter tool is the first type using an engine that actually understands the structure of sentences and paragraphs.

The truth is that when I tried it, it's not always precise, sometimes, it changes the whole meaning of the sentence, and I have to rewrite it differently for myself.

It's a very useful tool for those who have basic understanding of English, because once it has rewritten an article, you have to make some changes and this tool comes up with beautiful sentence structures.

To use it, you must download it and install it on your computer. Then, with two pricing plans, $ 15 / month or $ 99 / year, you get two license codes that allow you to use it on two different computers.

But you can try it for free, you can have a 14-day trial to try everything yourself.

#5 : SpinBot

spinbot article rewriter

Spinbot is a free tool for rewriting articles for free, it provides good quality articles, and I can give it 3/5 stars.

Anyone can use it for free, and that's if you do not mind seeing these ads or entering captcha codes whenever you want to rewrite an article.

When you opt for paid versions, you only get rid of these captcha codes and ads, which keeps your workspace clean and fluid, while enjoying the same quality articles as in the free version.

These were the 5 best tools for rewriting articles that I used and tested. These are always great tools for me.

Lately, I also started using Grammarly and Google Translate with these tools to rewrite beautiful sentences.

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  1. Yes these tools are really amazing for rewriting content.
    But without these tools, Paraphrase App also a tool that rewrite your content within a short time. Paraphrase App is an intelligent, AI-based software that can understand the English language completely and rewrites your document accordingly.

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