beginner passive income

Because I have many friends who are beginners and new to the internet world, they keep asking me some questions once I started to talk to them about some passive income deas to make a living. they don't understand what I mean by passive income!! so they keep asking questions such as:

  • I like this Idea, but Where do I start with passive income?
  • Can you tell us some examples of passive income?
  • Can you show me How can a beginner make passive income?

But, at 1st, to be honest, there is no 100% passive income, everything in life requires some effort to make it work, as an example, as a photographer, you need to upload your pictures to stock sites, and that's some work.
As a graphic designer, you need to design something good to upload for sale on graphic design sites as Brandcrowd, 99designs, and many other different sites.. and that's some effort, but once done, it becomes passive income, But yet you still have some work to do in order get paid, you need to go to the bank and get your money out of the cash machine, HHH.. isn't that right?

So let me share my Top 7 Passive income streams that I think any one can build easily.

#1 : Sell stock photos

Do you have a digital camera? are you a photography passionate, Is your camera storage or cell phone full of images that you are not using? then If so, you may not know that you are set on a great source of passive income. have you ever tried to sell these pictures to a photo stock website and make some money off it. If not, its time for you to do it if you want to make some money passively.

Your images will be stored and indexed so that other people can find them easily. If someone decides to use one of yours, you will receive a return fee.

this is articl for selling photos online for beginners

#2 : Sell on Udemy

image : udemy

If you are in America or any other country in the world ... this area where you live may be famous for one of its special drinks or dishes, do you know that you can earn passive income by using its recipes, I will show you how.
I know a Moroccan friend who has earned more than 35,000 dollars by selling a recipe for a special Moroccan dish called Tajin.
the way he did it is by recording a video showing how to prepare that special dish. The secret is that he recorded the video for none Arabic speakers. then he put the recipe for it to be sold as a course on Udemy. and sat down and started counting his paychecks.

#3 : Earn commissions as an affiliate

You have probably heard someone say "I make money even when I sleep" but have you ever wondered how?
Well, there are many ways to achieve it and for me, affiliate marketing is my best.
So, if this is the first time you hear about affiliate marketing, you may be asking many questions, such as:

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work for beginners?
how to start affiliate marketing or How do you become an affiliate marketer?
Can you really make money with affiliate marketing even if you are a beginner?

Affiliate marketing is about earning a commission by promoting the products of other people.
How does it work? You find a product that you like, then promote it to other people, and when someone buys it through the link you give them, you get your commission.

Well, if you want to succeed as a marketing affiliate, I know a paid training course where you can learn everything about it.
I also know that there are many free courses on the web, but I like this one called Success Challenge for Affiliates because it is very detailed and organized. it's also a complete training that can transform your overall vision of the online business.

beginner passive income

#4 : Make Money with google Adsense

beginner passive income

The Most Dependable And Consistent Way To Generate Wealth IS TO TURN ADVERTISING INTO PROFIT. 

Frank Kern.

If you visit almost any website, you can see ads on it.
Google ads are the one that dominates. and that for a good reason, it's because Google pays its advertisers well.
If you are good at writing, you can choose a niche, or anything you are passionate about, create a blog or a website and start writing articles or blogs about it. and once you have many articles, once you start receiving some steady amount of traffic coming to your website, you can join Google AdSense and create your account for free. Google will give you a unique code that you will paste on your website. this will help them track your page views, traffic, and earnings you get from the ads they provide you to put on your blog.
there many platforms such as popular ads. Propellerads, Taboola and many others that you can join. but google AdSense is still the number one choice because as I said above it pays well, and a lot of people are making a great amount of money from it. with simple websites while blogging about what they love.

#5 : Use Airbnb and earn money by sharing your home or property.

beginner passive income

What is Airbnb and how does it work?
Airbnb is a community built on sharing, it began in 2008 when two designers who had a space to share with three travelers who were looking for a place to stay. today, millions of guests and travelers choose to Airbnb to book their unique accommodations anywhere in the world. so why not take some profit of it too.. you can
create a free Airbnb account and fill your profile with your pieces of information Airbnb asks for, so people that are interested in the space you reserve for Airbnb can pay you some money and spend some days next to you.. so, you share your space, you make friends, and the best thing you make money.

More questions?

  • Can you make good money from Airbnb?
  • How much of a cut does Airbnb take?
  • Is owning an Airbnb profitable?
  • How do I start an Airbnb business?
  • Is being an Airbnb host worth it?
  • Is Airbnb making money?

Check out this article "How to make $1,500 or More with Airbnb" that I found helpful for answers and details, as well as a case study for a successful Airbnb user

#6 : Use Fiverr to make Extra money.

beginner passive income - fiverr

Image  : Fiverr

Make money with Fiverr
May I ask you something? what are you good at?
you do not need to start thinking lol .. whatever you are good at can help you make money online.
let pretend that you are good for nothing.
can you tell me where do you live?
I can tell you that you can use your phone to take pictures of special places where you live, pictures of the food in this place. You can use Fiverr to sell them to foreigners. I read Fiverr case studies of people who earn a respectable amount of money using only their territory. selling postcards and images of traditional dishes to tourists who have already visited their city.
In Fiverr, you can sell whatever you're good at starting from $ 5.

so why not making some money doing what whe are good at.
Check this article for more details. "18 ways to make money with Fiverr."

#7 : Use your car to earn money

beginner passive income

Do you know that you can use your car to make money just by driving it? I will tell you how and then you can check if it is possible in your country.
Well, you can rent your car, not for other people, but for businesses. some companies are willing to pay you to pack your car and place an advertisement, so you can make money just by driving your car without having to take passengers. You can earn a respected amount of dollars every month by driving your car downtown as you do every day.

Discover Wrapify to learn how to make money by passing your car with an advertisement.
but you do not need to rely on Wripify only, there are a lot of other companies that you can contact directly, or you can search for a famous business brand in your local and tell them your offer and most of them will be happy to accept your offer. because you'll give them more exposure.