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Alex Becker: All you need to know about 2022

In the past few years, Alex Becker has created wide exposure in the online space which has attracted thousands of fans, thousands of supporters, and thousands of haters.

in this article, I’m going to shed some light on what I like about him and what I don’t.

Also, I will review one of his courses that I purchased and share my opinion with you.

Who is Alex Becker?

Alex Beker is an entrepreneur, very known to Marketers with his unique YouTube videos, he has multiple online marketing businesses.
eCommerce training, Books, and his software “market hero”.

who is alex becker?
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How did he start in online business?

He started doing client-based online marketing for others’ business where he started earning over $ 30,000 a month.

then he went to software and product launches that rocketed his business and started earning $ 100,000 a month.

since then, he started to grow and become more famous as an online marketing guru, creating and selling training courses. while creating huge social media and YouTube subscribers.

you can check them out here.
Alex on social networks and youtube, check them out here:

Youtube channel

Alex becker courses & products

  • Source Wave University
  • H-Com 2020
  • The Black File
  • Hero Consulting Accelerator

Source Wave University

This may be the quickest review about this training, so here is my review, this training is outdated, don’t waste your time looking for it.

H-Com 2020


H-Com 2020 is Alex becker Shopify eCommerce training, with a big claim that it can help anyone make around $500k per month, which is for sure such a big wish for anyone. also for sure, it’s not impossible, but not everyone can do it.

Following the step by step proven methods provided in this course, will help create professional dropshipping eCommerce stores, also can help you for sure understand how ecommerce game works, while making you money on the way.

Note: I can not promise you that you can make $500k a month, because this need too much work and efforts, and that can not be done from the very start.

To enroll in this training, you have two payment options, one payment of $1997, or, five payments of $597.

This may be a big investment for the most, but if you are serious about learning drop shipping, by putting the efforts following the instructions provided within, this course, that will pay you back the investment in no time. so the price should not be an obstacle for you.

Just as you can see in its logo, it’s all about the way you use this powerful punch, if you use it right, it will serve you, otherwise you will be knocked out.


I’ve personally purchased this training together with a friend who was more interested in learning the eCom dropship business. so the truth to be told, Its a great training, but the price is a bit high.

The black file

alex becker the black file

The black file is where Alex gives his own advertising models, landing pages, and sales funnels that you can use and learn from.

This is more specifically for those who are already making money and want to grow their business and earn even more. .

Hero Consulting Accelerator

In this training, Hero Consulting Accelerator, Alex Becker partnered with Jason K Williamson and teaches step by step how to get exactly your first customer in 30 days.

Also, how to build a mega profitable, no cost mega email consulting business, showing exactly what to say, what to sell and what to do to get customer after customer.

Moreover, he is even going to teach you how to deliver amazing results and hook them up for contracts that cost over $ 5k per month.

That was what the training promises, but, I also don’t think it will work of all of you, only those who are willing to put massive action will get great results. so, I’m telling you that this is not easy as it sounds my friend.

Market Hero

Image : Market HERO

The truth to be told, this is the main software that Alex Becker is focusing on growing, it’s an email marketing, autoresponder, also, lead and conversion tracking software.

this technology is still in a growth phase and its still way far from getting into the competition with the giant gorillas out there. there still a lot needs to be improved.

Furthermore, the market hero price starts from $19 a month, a way too expensive, because you can get more flexible and professional email marketing at a lower price.

Besides the price being high, a lot of its users are getting in trouble using it. you can check what are they saying about in on 26 reviews, rating for Bad, that’s bad Alex Becker. I like your H-com course but this software does not seem to be something I can recommend for my readers.

Alex becker house tour

Here’s a full tour of almost nothing. Becker wanted to clear up some confusion as to why and for what reason he made this change.

Youtube ads: why is he a master at?

in 45 seconds Stephan Graham will explain to us why these Alex Becker youtube ads are among the BEST on YouTube, explaining why they are so effective and how you can use them to better understand why people buy what they buy.

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